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Marcopolo S.A.
and Subsidiaries

Report of Independent Accountants on Limited
Review of Quarterly Information (ITR)

June 30, 2010

(A free translation of the original in

Report of Independent Accountants

on the Limited Review

To the Board of Directors and Stockholders
Marcopolo S.A. and its subsidiaries
Caxias do Sul - RS

1     We have reviewed the accounting
information included in the Quarterly
Information (ITR) of Marcopolo S.A. (the
"Company") and its subsidiaries (Parent
Company and Consolidated) for the quarter
ended June 30, 2010, comprising the balance
sheet and the statements of income, of
comprehensive income, of changes in
stockholders' equity and of cash flows,
explanatory notes and the performance
report. This Quarterly Information is the
responsibility of the Company's management.

2     Our review was carried out in
accordance with specific standards
established by the Institute of Independent
Auditors of Brazil (IBRACON), in conjunction
with the Federal Accounting Council (CFC),
and mainly comprised: (a) inquiries of and
discussions with management responsible for
the accounting, financial and operating
areas of the Company with regard to the main
criteria adopted for the preparation of the
Quarterly Information; and (b) a review of
information and of subsequent events which
have, or could have, significant effects on
the financial position and operations of the
Company and its subsidiaries.

3     Based on our limited review, we are

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Integra das informações trimestrais traduzidas para o idioma inglês.

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