Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting of 9:00 am

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                MARCOPOLO S.A.
       CNPJ (Corporate Taxpayer ID) no.
   NIRE (Company Registration ID) no. 43 3
                  0000723 5
          A Publicly Traded Company

                IMPORTANT FACT


On February 21, 2017 at 9 AM,  the  Directors
of MARCOPOLO S.A., gathered at the  Company's
unit located at  Avenida  Rio  Branco,  4889,
Bairro Ana Rech, in this city, together  with
members of  the  Audit  Committee,  made  the
following decisions: I -  Dividends  (taxable
year  2016):  Considering  Brazil's   current
economic situation and political  instability
and  considering  that  the   interest   rate
relating   to   the   shareholders'    equity
applicable   to   the   mandatory   dividends
declared in advance concerning  the   taxable
year 2016, which have already  been  paid  by
the Company on December 15, 2016, exceed  the
minimum  limit,  this  Board   of   Directors
hereby   decides   to    propose    at    the
Shareholders' Meeting, which  shall  be  held
on  March  30,   2017,   that   supplementary
dividends  should  not  be  distributed  with
reference to the taxable  year  2016.   II  -
Interest  on  stockholders'  equity  (taxable
year  2017):  For  the  same  above-mentioned
reason relating to Brazil's current  economic
situation  and  political  instability,  this
Board of Directors hereby decides to  suspend
the   program   of   interest   payment    in
connection  with   the   2017   shareholders'
equity  in  accordance  with  the   company's
shareholder   compensation    policy.    This
practice  may  be  resumed  if  the  economic
situation  improves.  END:  Without   further