Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting of 8:30 am

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                MARCOPOLO S.A.
       CNPJ (Corporate Taxpayer ID) no.
   NIRE (Company Registration ID) no. 43 3
                  0000723 5
          A Publicly Traded Company


On  February  21,  2017  the   Directors   of
MARCOPOLO S.A., in  a  meeting  held  at  the
Company's  unit  located   at   Avenida   Rio
Branco, 4889, Bairro Ana Rech,  in  the  city
of  Caxias  do  Sul,  in   conjunction   with
members of  the  Audit  Committee,  made  the
following decisions: I - After examining  the
Directors' financial statements and  accounts
relating  to  the  taxable  year   ended   on
December 31, 2016,  the  Directors  expressed
their desire to  submit  such  documents  for
the   evaluation   and   approval   of    the
Shareholders'  Meeting;  II  -   Review   and
approve the final version of  the  Management
Report relating to the taxable year ended  on
December 31, 2016, which shall  be  submitted
to  the  Shareholders'  Meeting.   The   said
Management Report and  Financial  Statements,
which  are  to  be  duly  initialed  by   the
Chairman and Secretary, shall  be  placed  on
file in the  Company.  END:  Without  further
issues to consider, the  meeting  was  closed
and these  minutes  were  written  up.  These
minutes   were   read   out   loud,    deemed
appropriate  and  signed  by  all  attendees.
City of Caxias do  Sul,  February  21,  2017.
Paulo Cezar da Silva Nunes - Chairman;  Oscar
de Paula Bernardes Neto  -  Deputy  Chairman;
Luciano   Moisés   Bado,    Carlos    Alberto
Casiraghi, Odair Lucietto, Flavio Cesar  Maia
Luz and Luiza Damasio Ribeiro  do  Rosario  -
Directors;  Carlos   Zignani   -   Secretary.