Notice to Shareholders

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                MARCOPOLO S.A.
     C.N.P.J. (National Registry of Legal
         Entities) 88.611.835/0001-29
             Open Capital Company

NIRE (Company Registry Identification) Nº.
43 3 0000723 5


In  accord  with  the  regulatory  norms  and
general  guidelines  contained  in   Official
Memorandum/CVM/SEP/N°  02/2015,  below   find
the  data  in  reference  to  the  candidates
indicated  by  shareholder  VICTOIRE   BRASIL
LTDA., for  the  position  of  Company  Audit
Committee member, as a representative of  the
preference shareholders, at the  election  to
be   held   at   the   next   Ordinary    and
Extraordinary General Assembly scheduled  for
March 26, 2015:

Shareholder  VICTOIRE  BRASIL,  by  means  of
correspondence  dated  March  18,  2015,  has
indicated the following members of the  audit
Committee, for a mandate up to the  next  OGA
to be held in 2016:

EGON   HANDEL,   Brazilian,   professor   and
accountant,    CPF    (Individual    Taxpayer
Registry) nº 029.279.850-49, ID  document  nº
1003651997 issued  by  SSP-RS,  residing  and
domiciled at Travessa Saúde, 65,  apt.  1002,
in Porto Alegre, RS, as a full member of  the
Audit Committee, and VANDERLEI  DOMINGUEZ  DA
ROSA,   Brazilian,   accountant,    CPF    nº
422.881.180-91, ID  document  nº  3026420368,
issued by  SSP/RS,  domiciled  at  Av.  Bento
Gonçalves,  1403,  suite   1011,   in   Porto
Alegre,  RS,  as  the  respective   alternate

For the purpose of provisions in  Article  10
of  CVM  Instruction  481/09,  the  following
information relative to the  names  indicated