Minutes of the Annual and Special Meeting Held on 03.27.2014

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                MARCOPOLO S.A.
         CNPJ No. 88.611.835/0001-29
             NIRE No. 43300007235
            Publicly Held Company

HELD ON 03.27.2014

DATE  and  TIME:  03.27.2014,  at  02:00   pm
PLACE: the unit of  the  company  located  at
Av. Rio Branco, No.  4889,  District  of  Ana
Rech, in the city of Caxias do Sul, State  of
Rio Grande  do  Sul.  QUORUM:  Attendance  of
shareholders  representing  more   than   two
thirds  of  the  share  capital  with  voting
Chairman, and  CARLOS  ZIGNANI  -  Secretary.
ATTENDEES: a) Directors of  the  company;  b)
Wladimir   Omiechuk,    CRC    1RS041241/O-2,
representative     of     KPMG      Auditores
Independentes; c) Egon Handel  and  Francisco
Sergio  Quintana  da  Rosa,  members  of  the
Supervisory    Board.    PUBLICATIONS:     a)
Financial    Statements:     published     on
02.25.2014  in   the   newspapers:   Official
Gazette of the State of Rio  Grande  do  Sul,
pages 7 to 18; Valor Econômico, on page  B13;
and Pioneiro, on pages 12 to  17  and  20  to
25; b) Call: published on March  12,  13  and
14, 2014 in the newspapers: Official  Gazette
of the State of Rio Grande do Sul,  on  pages
1,  1  [sic]  and  3,   respectively;   Valor
Econômico,  on  pages  C10,   B6   and   C19,
respectively; and Pioneiro, on pages  28,  32
and  22,  respectively.  POSTHUMOUS  TRIBUTE:
Before  beginning   the   work,   Mr.   Paulo
Bellini, President Emeritus of  the  company,
took  the  floor  to  put   on   record   the
following  tribute  to  Mr.  Valter   Antonio
Gomes  Pinto,  director  and  member  of  the
control group,  passed  away  on  August  27,
2013: "MARCOPOLO records  posthumous  tribute